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This will be an absolutely fabulous evening with our speaker Jim Curry! BRITISH MOTORCYCLE ROAD RACE CHAMPION Learn what it was like for someone whose general role in motorcycle Grand Prix racing of the sixties was as ‘filler’ on the start-grids. Not a super-star, but someone who felt that he almost made it at Grand Prix level, whilst attempting to grasp his Holy Grail and become World Champion in the motorcycle road racing school of greedy race-meeting organisers, dangerous circuits and hard-knocks. The dream aspiration and goal, which was nurtured and pursued by him throughout his growing up and early maturity, in the beautiful North Gloucestershire Cotswold countryside. Join with Jim on his lap of life, as he recounts in his own words and inimitable style, the journey that took him from one of the country’s backwaters, via his first taste of motorcycle sport at the early age of four and a half, to where he is today, still watching and re-living the excitement that he sought and knew in his heyday. Through his book, live with him as he reaches the cutting edge of the competition to be top dog in the aggressive world of short circuit scratching, during the late sixties and early seventies. Winning the 125cc British Championship in 1968 and becoming runner-up in that season’s 350cc Championship. Following which success, he gained a remarkable victory on his first introduction to the legendary, 24 km long circuit of the Nurburgring, in Germany. A central period of his life witnessed and experienced the thrill of the one and only Historic TT race, of 1984. Suffer with him too as he describes the debilitating effects of, and successful fight against, a rare-type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma which struck him at the age of forty-four years, soon after the euphoria of that TT come-back had died down. The successful recovery from which disease, ultimately led to a short return to the track in 1986 with the Classic Motorcycle Racing Club, in order to prove to himself that he still ‘had it’, a personal and passionate belief which was proven to be correct. Laugh with this hacker and scoff, if you dare, as he attempts to come to grips with the anguish that masquerades as the sport of golf, the seeds for which masochism were sown on the pitch and putt course behind the TT pits, in Douglas, IOM Discover what it was like to attend on Royalty, almost by default, at a unique Buckingham Palace garden-party in 1992, thanks to the generosity of his old pal Kenny Williams, and hear of the famous people whom he met there. Finally, having once more been bitten by the racing-bug, you will hear how his supposed ‘last hurrah’, encompassing the 2000 Manx Grand Prix races in order to raise money for charity, led him to embark on a further satisfying season of racing. Including a few incident-packed meetings on the Continent, which at last dampened that fire that had raged within for nigh-on fifty years.